I am considering using WRECKAMOVIE.COM , the collaborative film website to promote and produce our next project.In their own words, Wreckamovie is:

“a new way of creating film brought about by the power of the Internet to connect people and spread information.”

Obviously the model is attractive. Especially if you require many digital elements for a film, or those such as a music score than can be produced by a co-located team. Even better if they are donating their time and effort, for passion for the project and a chance to get legitimate production credits. Could it work for this film??? – what film you ask? – patience… all in good time.

I’d first heard of it when IRON SKY was first announced on the scene. And eagerly followed their progress on Youtube.

Check out the intro movie: http://www.wreckamovie.com/intro

I need to conduct more research. Anyone who reads this blog used the site? Contributed etc? Interested? – if so let me know.