Flasher than flash fiction – I never thought it was possible to write a story in the limited number of characters that one Twitter post allows you; that is until I finally decided to try Twitter and then stumbled across Sean Hill’s Twitter Profile Very Short Stories aka http://www.very-short-story.com/.

Inspired, I thought I’d have a go at one of my very own 140 character epics. Here’s three of mine:

  • The Evil snowman cheered as the carrot completed him. Soon he would rule the world! Then the sun shone brighter than ever… maybe next year
  • Nosferatu cursed his forgetfulness, before he died. Distracted by the fair maiden’s heaving breasts, he forgot the time as the sun rose
  • Horny, he texted too much. His dream lady eventually arrived. Thumbless, he couldn’t let her in. He sobbed as she eventually gave up and left.

Anyway, you can see that I am very new to this new [very] short form. Also mine are usually purile – as alcohol may be involved during the writing of some of these tales… But I am very much enjoying having a go. There’s certainly no excuse not to write something every day – not when you don’t have much to write!