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“What becomes of the lost… and departed?” 

– Tagline for TUMBLE DYING

TUMBLE DYING is a cautionary tale about how we should just learn to live with loss and not stress when socks go missing. Hasse is doing the laundry and finds that one of his socks is missing. When he searches the dryer, he loses the one lone sock that’s missing a pair. But then he’s also sucked in and then transported to another location. He finds his other sock, but it doesn’t turn out the way he’d hoped.

Production info:

An 2020 EIBON FILMS production. Written, shot, directed and produced by Lee Bailes

  • Country: Sweden
  • Duration: 3 mins
  • Produced by: Eibon Films
  • Language: English

Cast and crew TBC

Based on an original idea by Lee Bailes and Hasse Brontén.

Visit the IMDB page: TBC