I am so gutted! I just saw THE SPIRIT – a film I had wanted to see for ages, yet I am completely perplexed by how disappointing the whole experience was!

The problem with the SIN CITY look is that in the hard work that goes into the process of creating this fantasy CG world, which automatically distances you from reality,  you often lose track of what makes a good film great – the audience being able to grasp the thematic premise of the film and feeling like they are in the moment with you.

Right from scene 1 you lost me Frank.  I didn’t understand the world you had created, nor did I understand the part that I was to play as audience member. Did you want me to laugh with your choices or at them? Did you want me to feel any kind of emotion? if so, you failed. I didn’t care at all. If so, why create a dream like world of smoke and swirling snow and fill it full of alienating voiceover and cliche homages to tired 40s detective films and mash it up with modern technology and pop culture references? Why make every line uttered a zinger of a ham fisted piss take of all that is great about dialogue?

I love your gift for composition. I love your graphic novels, but I don’t think you have the ability to make a film worth a damn – not if this is anything to go by. I am sure I will watch this film again and again to analyse it and I’ll even be pleasantly surprised if my viewpoint changes – and I later recant my views as expressed here. But I doubt it. Right now I really doubt it.

A beautiful but utterly disappointing waste of an hour and a half. Why create a hero who is never really under threat? Why try and make every line of dialogue a hoot to utter, yet it instantly wears your audiences suspension of disbelief away in minutes? Why make the film so utterly aware of itself that you feel uncomfortable in the same room as it? Why make every performance a pantomime?

Every frame is a work of art, yet I’d rather watch the film again with the sound off and my own music to accompany the images….