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I have been busy over the New Year period, which is why I haven’t posted much of late. I have been busy beavering away on my first ever podcast – “ROSEBLOOD – Conversations in filmmaking“!

I think it was 3 years ago when I last worked with award winning horror filmmaker Christopher Alan Broadstone of Black CAB Productions on their 3rd short film HUMAN NO MORE (available as part of the 3 DEAD GIRLS DVD anthology) – that is if you forget me flying back out to LA 2 years ago to help finalise the 3 DEAD GIRLS DVD extras; as I had shot all the behind the scenes / making of footage for that DVD release.

I had so much fun out there that I jumped at the chance when Chris offered to bring me on board as Producer on his 4th short film. ROSEBLOOD will be his most ambitious film yet, and I for one can’t wait to be involved.

The Podcast is designed to try and share, with any interested listeners, the trials and tribulations of the filmmaking process; to expose all the agonising decisions one must make to get an idea up on the big or small screen and what the filmmakers go through along the way. Obviously there will be far more material than you can fit on one DVD, so I decided to record our Skype conversations (using eCamm’s excellent call recorder software) and edit them in Apple’s GarageBand . The first step is audio, but in the future I hope to include some video podcasts too – especially of the actual production / making of.

The first audio podcast was a bit ropey because it was unplanned and I was busy archiving a DVD, so there was loads of background fan noise, and there were bandwidth delay issues at Chris’s end in LA – oh and we were both drinking….. However, the second one is noise free, sober and already street’s ahead in quality.

It will be an interesting experiment in Internet Marketing. How many people ever promote Independent features in this way, let alone a short film? No one, to my mind. Maybe many fear not appearing professional if they publicly advertise the fact that they are not sure which camera to use? How to go about attacking a challenging FX shot etc. All I know is that I’d prefer it if more filmmakers were not afraid to expose their fear, to share them and hopefully then benefit from the advice of other more experienced people out there in internet land.

How many people have heard of me and Chris? and will they care? Hopefully enough to spread the word and grow the subscriber list, to convince us to keep at it! As I am already editing the 3rd episode!

I have always toyed with the idea of resurrecting my old Rumour Machine film news and reviews website in podcast form, and if this podcast takes off, I will definitely have the incentive to do so.

So please check out the podcast and let us know what you think; and share any advice you might have for improving the production quality or subjects you’d like to hear us discuss during the episodes.