Vlog January 6th 2021

I used to do VLOGs. I stopped them when I got too burnt out, and after getting ill. But I have been asked from time to time when I might resume them. I’ve been recently reconsidering whether to resume them and if so in what format?

Luckily, I had the pleasure of enjoy Josh Stifter’s (Flush Studios, GREYWOOD’S PLOT) Xmas video diaries, where he kept everyone informed on YouTube what he was up to over the Christmas period and I liked the no frills, straight to camera video diary approach. So I had a go at it myself, above.

Will I keep this up? who knows? Will it be worth it? Can’t say…. but I will try to post them to:

I will try to keep them brief.

And if people watch them and like them, I might just go and edit that 17 day epic trip to Japan Vlog that still sits on my hard drive….