The new Parker novel, THE LOVERS, will be published on June 2nd in the US, and on July 9th in the UK. The book has already received a starred review from Publishers Weekly in the US and concerns Parker’s search for the truth about his father’s death. I love the Parker books and have always believed that there was more to this backstory than meets the eye and can’t wait to finally read about it!

From Publishers Weekly:

“Bestseller [John] Connolly once again expertly melds a hard-boiled plot with the supernatural in his eighth Charlie Parker crime novel (after THE REAPERS). While previous books in the series explored the trauma at the heart of Parker’s backstory, the murder of the PI’s wife and daughter, this one examines an equally devastating family trauma– the suicide of his New York City policeman father, Will, after Will gunned down two unarmed teenagers decades earlier. As Parker, who was 15 at the time, seeks the truth about his ancestry, [SPOILER DELETED]. When he learns a pair [SPOILER DELETED] have him at the top of their hit list, he decides to return to New York City after a stint tending bar in Maine. The underlying grim sadness and Connolly’s unwillingness to pull his punches will appeal to noir fans, while his effective use of understatement and evocative prose makes his alternate universe plausible.”

Check out the prologue