I have just watched a very useful podcast – the latest episode from InsideHomeRecording.com where Derek Miller shows how he records his wife’s podcast. He shows the complete audio podcast production workflow and recording/studio set up and more importantly demos a tool I had not come across before:

The Levelator interface


Derek uses this before he puts his Aiff / Wav sound files into GarageBand and I think I will now be using it too.

This tool is free! I can’t believe it! It runs on both Mac/ Windows  systems and it actually does do a blinding job of raising the levels and normalising your audio files!

I often record audio and find one track is poorer than the other, due to the volume / voice level of the other speaker when it comes out of Skype. I just ran a quick test and the results were very impressive! Both voices now matched levels and sounded very impressive.

So Check it out and hope it adds value to the quality of your productions!