The Hacintosh has landed – and is working perfectly, thank you very much.  Samsung NC-10The only thing different from that pictured is that when operational mine runs Snow Leopard 10.6.2 – the Mac OS.

It hasn’t been the easiest customisation and it is not complete. It took days of a very talented friend’s IT skills to negotiate the dodgy instructions previously documented by various non-English speaking IT geeks and a certain amount of trial and error; as we deviated from the plans to have it as a dual boot (Win XP and Mac) systems. Instead, it is nothing but Mac software, with various kernel extensions – to enable certain functionality, such as getting the sound working and customising the battery life indicator.

I have swapped the Wifi Card for a Dell 1390 Wifi Card, as the Mac OS treats it like the Apple native Airport card, and now the Wifi works. All I have to do now is upgrade the RAM before it is a fully functional writing productivity enhancing tool.

The main test – that of getting the machine to run iWork and Scrivener etc is complete. It works perfectly, albeit on a much smaller and less powerful machine than I am used to. Now all I have to do is put it through a week of rigorous testing, before I consider the customisation The Gatescomplete and sell my EEE PC. I may even stick an Apple sticker on the back. ;0)

Lessons learned are that if I had an £80 extra to spend, buying the Dell Mini 10 would have been far easier to do.

In other news, I have been greatly enjoying John Connolly’s “THE GATES” – a hilarious and very entertaining Adult tale for Children. I wish I had the merest ounce of his talent. It is definitely helping me to rediscover my love for the written word.