Merry festives to one and all!

I hope that many of you are able to relax, share happy moments with loved ones and even create the odd original work too! I know I’ve been blessed this year, with the time and a lack of family visits to enable me to actually get my head down and work when I’ve needed to. So far I have created a new short story – THE LEG MAN -, started editing THE GIRL WITH WHITE HAIR down to a more printable length and been asked to produce a short film in LA for Black CAB Productions at some point in 2009.

But rather than get down about the family visits, when they do occur, I have also noticed a positive effect when the small talk runs out…

– for many this is the one time of year when one is often forced to put a film on, to kill time and have a semi-social moment. Filmmakers can then use the moment as an educational activity – to learn from each unique piece of cinema, whatever your interest, be it screenwriting, direction or editing etc. Why not study from the best and combine it with the odd drink too? ;0)

For those of us that are often too tired to give a film their full interest of a work day evening, or begrudge the time better spent on creating their own works, the festive season is the perfect time to do this if you have enough time off work to rest and relax.

So far I have rewatched and enjoyed THE DARK KNIGHT and IRON MAN on DVD, via the lovely 2-disc versions with all the extras, and been able to appreciate each film in a whole new light from when I saw them in the cramped and distractingly noisy cinema. Next I have HELLBOY II to watch. And for horror fans, let’s not forget the excellent seasonal Slasher fare like BLACK CHRISTMAS that always finds its way onto late night TV. ;0)

I can also reward myself with the time to read part of a neglected manual or enjoy a new novel and use that time to trigger some more inspiration.

And when all the feasting is done and I need to work some of it off, I have the thinking time and focus that only comes out of a good workout which I can use to work on more projects.

That is the reason that I dread going back to work, the loss of such valuable and relaxing creative time.

Hope you all have a brilliant 2009! May all your creative dreams come true!