PIONEER ONE – interesting social media promotion model

Pioneer One  title cardFans of science fiction, and those interested in low budget media production, may want to check out PIONEER ONE, a 2010 American independent film project / Web TV series by Josh Bernhard and Bracey Smith (the duo behind the other torrent delivered film THE LIONSHARE) that is being funded purely through donations and created for release via BitTorrent networks.

The series is about a spaceship crash in Canada and its one lone Soviet survivor, riddled with cancer, who may be a cosmonaut from a base on Mars. Federal agents working the case, are conflicted by orders to bring the man back to the United States as a suspected terrorist, despite his severe condition and the possibility that his story may be true.

The pilot episode – a 35 minute webisode – was filmed on a budget of $6000, raised in advance using Kickstarter, and was released under a Creative Commons license. The rest of the season is funded through direct donations. At the time of writing, they’ve already raised $20K US.

Now I sadly won’t be watching it, as I hate watching something that I have to wait ages in order to see the finale. But that’s just me. If you are not bothered and want to get involved, find out more and study it as a model to launch your own web series, please visit the website: