Adobe Production suite incorporates STORY into its workflow

CS5 Production premium box art

Adobe have finally released STORY – a collaborative tool for writing scripts and screenplays that is part of the new CS Live online services.

Check out the promotional video, that explains how STORY fully integrates into the entire production process, but beware the annoying NVidea Advert that you can’t opt out of: – I suggest you turn the sound down immediately and then put it on when the product tour starts; but then I hate advertising.

Check out the production workflow (PDF) info HERE.

I covered Adobe STORY in a previous post – HERE.

It’s an exciting time for low budget film production – and by that I mean in classic film production classification parlance as those productions with a 2ok to 20m budget, as such tools are usually out of the budgets of private individuals such as you and I; especially when I barely pay the mortgage, let alone have the funds to spunk 2k on software on a whim – as such production workflows, with the correct application of planning and knowledge enable low budget productions to efficiently plan and produce a holistic and consistent offering; right up to the point when you sell the rights to your film and deliver the music and effects version for subtitling, complete with a full transcript of the finished edit, which is already timestamped to the edit. Nice.