Script Frenzy iconYes folks, after the insane NANOWRIMO challenge in 2009 I am hungry for more mad writing action! This April we have a month of SCRIPT FRENZY to get through.

If you, like me, are up for a challenge, then why not register (for free) and have a go?

Don’t worry if you haven’t even begun to prepare or haven’t written a screenplay before. There are excellent educational materials on the website to help get you started.  I haven’t even done half of the prep that I would like to feel prepared for the coming madness; as you never actually feel prepared enough! But don’t let that stop you! Turn off that ‘inner doubting’ voice and dive on in.

Right now, I am just starting to build my Scrivener project file to get the planning started; but I’ll probably write the thing in CELTX; although I could probably do the whole thing in Scrivener. It’s just easier on a small Hacbook.

Anyway, don’t fear the unknown. Join us!