RED announced the release of their new camera – the “Epic” – a modular solution, to enable portability and infinite configuration and upgrading.

Red Epic Camera

With a 5K sensor, 5k resolution at 120fps, you have much more visual information to play with, than HD, with a view to going from Digital to Cinema and exploring full quality slow mo shots. It’s 3D ready and can enable the use of hot swappable batteries.

With that kind of quality you know it is not going to be cheap. But already people are clamouring to reserve theirs now. The last Red cameras were a hot item for small film companies to buy, with a view to hiring them out – to pay for them in down time between shoots. So as a low budget filmmaker, it might be advisable to have a play with one, learn how to use it – but rent it from someone with deeper pockets when you need it for a shoot; rather than buy it.

Check out the Spec sheet – or watch the video:

Post Live @NAB With RED from David Basulto on Vimeo.

All I can say is that I want to see the results that can be achieved with this camera and befriend someone who can let me have a play. Imagine the films you could make with a piece of kit like this. **Drools** ;0)