I’ve been busy busy lately folks, but I am still very much around. Obviously most of my time is going into Producing ROSEBLOOD and producing the ROSEBLOOD PODCAST. But in my spare time I am still finding time to watch a few movies.

I’ve not only seen a few good movies, such as GRAN TORINO and LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, I’ve also found the time to enjoy some really bad ones too! lol

A good friend of mind, who knows I love to watch very bad movies occasionally, bought me a box set of 10 very bad movies from the Ultimate Cult Movie Collection.

The excitingly named RAIDERS OF THE LIVING DEAD is brought to you by the dubious ‘talent’ behind SATAN’S SADISTS and DRIVE-IN MADNESS! Samuel M Sherman, brings you this deceptive 80s snooze-fest tale of a journalist running afoul of zombie slaves and a precocious teen with a home made laser gun saving the day.

The film opens as a gun-toting madman takes over a tanker holding radioactive materials, then takes people hostage at a nuclear facility before being killed by SWAT. Later in the morgue he is reanimated by an injection in his neck. Later, a journalist and his female friend are attacked by zombies when he breaks into the now abandoned facility. The Journalist is then repeatedly stalked by these zombies – when he is not watching Three Stooges reruns. Meanwhile an annoyingly boring kid decides not to fix his Granddad’s laser disc machine and instead turn it into a laser gun, after he accidentally fries his pet hamster when buggering about with the lens! Eventually the characters all meet and team up to take on the evil zombie creating madman and his undead hordes in the most anticlimactic battle ever.

Not only will you be astounded by the overlong action sequences that defy any attempt at drama and excitement, you will also not be fooled by the extended murky day for night shots, the lack of a believable plot, the clunky dialogue and ropey FX.

It’s a shame; I know the film was made on a shoe-string and it really did feature some unique innovations, for the time, but if ever there was a film that failed to live up to the promise of the title, this one was it! I mean if you name the film after RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK and RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD you have to give us some of the goods right?

Don’t watch it late at night when you’re tired. I did and almost zoned out a few times and got confused at the lack of plot and randomness of the on screen events. I later rewatched it and found that the film still made no sense when you are wide awake. The theme tune was damn catchy though….

I do think that the original premise, although bonkers, could still work given a modern remake – just add more zombies, make sure they actually are scary and do eat flesh and then go overboard on laser zapping and crispy fried zombie shenanigans.

Tonight though, rather than watch another of the collection, I am eager to watch LA MADRE MUERTA (The Dead Mother) ; a film I last saw in 1993 and have been dying to own ever since! I finally tracked a copy down on Amazon that was released quietly in 2006 on an obscure US label. I can’t wait! It’s a cracking tale of a burglary that goes wrong and the events that unfold when the burglar later encounters the child he injured all those years ago, and kidnaps her from an institution to find out if she can and will be able to incriminate him.

Now if only I can track down a DVD of EL DIA DE LA BESTIA (THE DAY OF THE BEAST) I will be a very happy ginger indeed!