So some progress is being made on the edit. “At last!” the angry villagers cry, as they wield their burning torches angrily… and I’ve resumed posting to the instagram account, only to find out that we had a post liked by Rue Morgue Magazine! How cool is that! – but it hasn’t all been straightforward and plain sailing…

Video editing delays / fun (or how I’ve come very close to punching my screen for a whole week):

I have continued editing MR CLEAN #1. I’ve moved on temporarily from the studio stuff and I’m now knee deep in the main narrative. It’s still early days, but things are progressing. Sadly, I’m about to go back to work, after having two days off, and so it all feels a little hollow, as I am up against it with a new script deadline as soon as I get back. So don’t envisage much editing until Easter weekend… 🙁

But what really grinds my gears, is the time that I’ve lost due to a stupid bug in FCP X – where I migrated all of my MR CLEAN project files to a new external drive, for ease of editing on the go and it did not go to plan.


This lovely new SSD is my favourite new toy. And none of this is the drive’s fault. But I was previously editing MR CLEAN with another hard drive (which was supposed to be great and super fast and I actually disagree with common feelings about it and consider it purely for backups of files. Not for editing from. The drive speed and constant connection / sleep cycles are too laggy for my liking, when it comes to editing with VLOG 4K) and got fed up and swiftly ordered a replacement.

The G-TECH R Series, are more like my old G-TECH editing drives. Super expensive, but worth every penny, when you care about reliability and speed etc. And no I’m not getting sponsored to say this. I’ve been editing using their drives for around 10 years now I guess and I’m glad to say that this drive is a joy. Not only is it small enough to slip in a pocket, but I’ve been comfortably editing with VLOG 4K on it – although I’m now back to using proxies, for convenience – and it was able to cope no problem. And so I can jump from one machine to another and edit away with no issues. 🙂

But FPC X has been the issue. Trusting in their media management tool, I migrated all my files from the old hard drive onto the new one, using the consolidate and then copy features. Did it work? did it bollocks. In the end, manually copying everything across and relinking the files worked. That is until I got to proxies. Warning to inexperienced FPC X users, if you get the same issue I did – where no matter how many times you to try to relink them and it fails, don’t bother. I tried repeatedly and it failed repeatedly. I was still getting the triangles of doom. It’s easier to just bite the bullet and transcode more proxies and lose the time when you could be doing other things. Because, background tasks that keep pausing when you’re trying to work around it….. Oh and I found that I needed to Transcode in batches rather than altogether, and to be in Proxy mode when I did it, because that also failed, when I tried to do it all in one go and repeated days, as if it got close to the end and crapped out each time without refreshing the file links when trying to still edit with full VLOG files…. none of the above should be a real thing. I’m hoping this issue was peculiar to me. But I will never trust the Consolidation / media Management again. Not until I see it working glitch free….

But now that it is sorted, it’s great. And I should get back to it!


So DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE (imdb link) has made it into it’s second festival. Nice! The first is in Las Vegas, in September, and the 2nd is in the UK, in London – at the Lift-Off Film Festival.


This is good, because I love London and it will be great to hang out there and show Darwin some of that great city and attend a festival on home ground – assuming that we can still visit there after Brexit…

And I’ve booked my tickets to attend the premiere in Barcelona. More details on that soon – but it is in May. 🙂

Because of my stupid principles, I won’t be able to attend the one in Vegas. Until Trump is out, I can’t make it to the US. Sadly this decision gets in the way of any dream plans to revisit the US and see friends etc. And Sadly prevents me attending in September.

Social Media fun:

Social media is a fickle beast. But it’s nice when people we love and respect notice what we’re trying to do. Even if we’re small beans, so to speak. But here’s the recent post that got a like: Here


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