OUTPOST (2007):

I just finished watching this and have to say although far from original it was a damn sight more entertaining that I thought it would be. OUTPOST is a rag tag ensemble action/horror tale of 6 mercenaries and their client in search of an abandoned SS bunker which may hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of physics, but ultimately delivers nothing but a killing blow accompanied by some classic one-liners. It’s a tad predictable and totally unapologetic about the muddy bootprints it leaves after rifling through a couple of major 80s genre plots (PREDATOR and JOHN CARPENTERS’: THE FOG) and uses a carefree pick and mix US style approach to history and logic, completely subverting what would have happened for what could happen. I mean using nazis as the bad guys is like shooting Aryan fish in a barrel and hardly challenging… but having said that it delivers exactly what it promises – with invincible undead SS troops and plenty of answering fire power – and I will gladly watch it again for it’s atmospheric Field’s of the Nephilim style cliche back-lighting and as a reference for the way they financed the film so quickly!


I was greatly impressed by the lead Ray Stevenson and his redneck sidekick Richard Brake, as well as all of the other cast members, apart from the almost invisible and confusing Julian Rivett who came across as a South African, rather than the Eastern European militia man he was supposed to be. The cinematography of Gavin Struthers and the set design was the perfect counterpoint to the makeup / wardrobe. The direction and editing choices were a little confusing at times as there seemed to be a great deal of wasted opportunities – but after watching the extras and finding out how rushed the production was, it all makes perfect sense.Even with its failings I think this could be the suitable beginning of a small franchise, given the right creative team behind it – unlike the poor sequel opening / ending that this creative team came up with.


As I mentioned earlier – they mention in the making of [on the DVD] that they managed to go from financing the film to finished movie in a year! and that the strength of their financing was the use of a ‘mood book’. The script done in comic book form, with character sketches, fleshed out photoshop renders on live backgrounds, wardrobe and makeup demos to easily capture a production companies interest and investors….. interesting and a technique worth employing in my view.

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