I love Linked In. As a social media site it is unlike Facebook and Friends Reunited or any ordinary blogging tool in that it actually serves a purpose. As an aspiring professional you get the perfect opportunity to market your wares and network with your peers and its totally free.

As a result of joining a few excellent screenwriting groups I am able to seek advice from my peers, improve the number and quality of my industry contacts and also respond to notices of screenwriting competitions or producers looking for specific material. One such producer was looking for short horror scripts and was keen to check out some of my work. This gave me the perfect opportunity to rediscover my inventory (my previous works) and tart them up for show. During this process I not only stumbled across old scripts that I had forgotten I had even written, but I was also pleasantly surprised by the quality of the writing and the ideas contained therein.

The next thing I knew I had lost an entire day, reworking 6 of these old scripts and I now don’t actually care whether this stranger even likes them! It was enough to get back into my writing and feel only the good voices channelling through me during the creative process.

All this from a simple networking tool! If you haven’t already – check out Linked In. You might just find some specialist communities that will help inspire your chosen career.