I am feeling the fear.

It is only Day 1 of Nanowrimo and I realise that I hate my plot – which is still partly unfinished – and I am just not in the zone to write 2,000 words a day today. I have written 562 1,719 and they’re not the best.

How the hell am I going to survive this thing with my already fragile psyche intact?

Now I am regretting the weekend spent getting drunk, as part of my belated Birthday celebrations, and watching movies over the last two days; when I should have been beavering away. Yes they were good movies – apart from PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, which was very disappointing and sleep inducing – and I had been waiting to watch some of them for such a long time. But is that any kind of a worthy excuse????

Amount of alcohol consumed:

  • Don’t ask.

Movies watched:

  • I SELL THE DEAD **** – entertaining, but surprisingly tame grave robbing comedy horror. I expected more.
  • NICK AND NORAH’S INFINITE PLAYLIST ***** – mmm Kat Dennings. The chewing gum scenes – nasty; but a nice feel-good tween romance flick.
  • P2 ***** – Surprisingly good and surprisingly not French; I know that’s a bit of an out-there comment, but trust me it meant something at the time
  • PARANORMAL ACTIVITY ** – yawn, is it over yet? Okay it has moments… but so did BLAIR WITCH and I hated that too.
  • SPLINTER **** – a brilliant low budget franchise opener, let down by some logic holes, but still well worth watching
  • THE ROCKER *** – dumb, but entertaining fare.
  • ZOMBIELAND ***** – a great effin’ movie. The movie was clearly designed around a movie game marketing model, but don’t let that be a reason to hate it. Any film with an innovative motion graphics title sequence and a classic Metallica tune can’t be bad, right?

Also, I’ve still not heard about how my latest short story has been received; after taking the plunge and submitting it. Two other trusted types read it and helped me edit it, because that small 6,000 word piece took a month out of me and left me with a spinning brain and stars in front of my eyes. That was only an 1/8 of the task ahead of me now….