MR CLEAN movie

The Mr CLEAN teaser trailer is live! - find out what happens when someone is breaking into empty homes and cleaning them... find out more / view the trailer:
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Someone is breaking into empty homes and cleaning them.

But is this seemingly harmless crime hiding something much worse? 

Sometimes cleanliness isn’t next to Godliness, it can kill you – and hide the evidence. A Radio DJ must realise the unspoken danger behind these seemingly random acts of breaking-in and cleaning before she too becomes a victim of MR CLEAN…


The 1st part in a planned web series.


Coming soon in 2019, from Eibon Films and 3R Films / DRTV (

  • Producers Lee Bailes, Darwin Reina and Terese Winkler.
  • Starring: Darwin Reina and Sofie Klaesson; 
  • Written, Directed and Edited by Lee Bailes
  • Music score by Flora Cheng
  • Sound Design by Luca De Sensi
  • Supporting cast / extras: Jaba Urotadze, Terese Winkler and Susanne Lager, Gabriel Palenque Cisternas and Rinat Iljin,
  • Special FX by Mike Strick and Lee Bailes
  • VFX by Albin Larsson
  • Additional music by Peter Josefsson
  • Special thanks to: Alon Young, Garry Charles, Carlos Marambio, Gabriel Palenque Cisternas and Susanne Lager


Watch teaser trailer on Vimeo – best quality
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MR CLEAN is a collaboration between two independent filmmakers in Sweden, and their globally colocated team of enthusiastic cast and crew (In Sweden, the UK, Italy and USA). The intention was to see if two foreigners, could try and create a filmmaking collective, despite a lack of contacts and being ignored by the local established filmmaking scene. 

Shot in November 2018, as a fun project for two filmmakers to make their first film together in Sweden, it has since garnered enough interest to make it worthy for consideration for a web series (which has been scripted).

The film was shot on the GH5, in 4K, in Vlog 10-bit, predominantly using the Sigma 18-35 lens – for those gear heads who want to know – over a 4 day period. 

Read the shoot diary: