Watching TIGER – SPY IN THE JUNGLE – the excellent and very chilled out documentary following the exploits of a family of beautiful and majestic Tiger cubs.

The 4 cubs have been plagued by a strange male Tiger while away from their Mother. While the other three play in the long grass, the fourth attempts a river crossing. As he is about to hop from stone to stone he spies a stranger in the water – his own reflection, but assumes it is yet another strange male Tiger. Frightened he backs off and moves to another part of the river to search for another crossing point. Each time he encounters the strange Tiger and is forced to back off. Eventually he goes the long way round, avoiding the water’s edge altogether, rather than solve the mystery of the strange Tiger in the water.

I can relate to this in so many ways…. the ‘fear of self’ is the major obstacle to overcome, in order to realise your dreams.