Yes I completed the first draft of my nanowrimo novel yesterday – 56,103 words in 30 days!

Unfortunately I was distracted by work stuff and the fact that I hadn’t slept in two days and missed my chance to bump up my final official word count, before they locked the servers. Oh well… at least I know I not only completed the challenge early, I also finished the actual draft.

I will now take a month off from working on the novel, in order to get some distance from it. I will go back to working on my long delayed feature script and then come back to it in the New Year and then do the major structural rewrite fixes; before eventually looking at the quality of the prose etc.

Some people are dying to read it of course – which is nice (I’m sure that won’t last once they read it ;0) – But it is a long way off from being readable or worth sharing. However, I may just look at putting together a test chapter to see if people enjoy it and want to read more. But such thoughts can wait. Before I do that I desperately need to get my fitness levels back up, enjoy some quality reading and find my love of the written word again and find my hidden style.

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to any Americans out there. I seemed to lose all track of days while doing this competition, besides knowing how many days I had left in the challenge of course.

In other news, the last short story I penned was deemed unsuitable for the chosen publication I had designed it for; which was a great shame. However, I have been assured by others that this is apparently nothing to do with the story’s merits or the quality of the writing. Anyway, I am sending it off to other publications for consideration, so I’ll keep you posted on further developments.

Also a friend at work has installed the Mac OS on my new netbook to create a Hacintosh! What a star! So I shall soon be able to use my favourite writing software on the move and be just that little bit more productive! Waheyy! Bring on the festive season and a New Year of writing!