Doner kebab The traditional late night UK post drinking snack often tends to be the Kebab. But this repulsive (sorry to all who eat them, but they are) snack now has an additional reason for you not to eat them – and that is, do you know where the meat came from?

Take for instance this news article from SKY NEWS  about three Moscow tramps who killed and ate their victim, before selling him to a local Pie and Kebab shop:

It was not clear from the statement if the kiosk had cooked any of the man’s flesh and sold it to customers.

I only ever attempted to eat one of these on three occasions – from separate venues – and each time I was violently ill. And that is without the thought of them containing such alien flesh…. It’s a shame as back in Germany the Gyros is a proper restaurant quality meal. But I always had to sustain myself with the traditional cheeseburger or some other form of take out, until I became a Vegetarian. But even the smell of a kebab is enough to make me feel sick, let alone the thought of what they may now contain.