Anyone ever read James Herbert’s RATS trilogy? (RATS, LAIR and DOMAIN):

Well it’s been all over the news lately, especially the beeb website as they gear up to pimp out what looks like a very interesting show, but giant Rats have indeed been found! – Check out the video!

– cool!!

So what’s the link? – as those books featured man-eating Rats, not placid happy-camper rodents.

Well the original novel features normal London Rats which were bred with oversize ones found in a remote tropical location; and then bred for their aggressiveness until they become maneaters… one suspects that the happy chappy featured in the Beeb video might need a bit more selective breeding before one can find an aggressive one. lol

It’s funny as I recently lucked out on the whole trilogy in a 2nd hand book shop (not unlike the one pictured) and had been using them as inspiration for a novel I would love to write – if I ever get the chance that is – as I loved their graphic economical descriptions of harrowing carnage; ironically the very thing that most people reacted negatively to when they were first released. The fact that there are still a few largely uncharted places lends credence to my bizarre premise.

If you want a glimpse inside my dark places (fnar!) I think you’ll find that there are a few of James Herbert’s nightmares floating around in there; especially considering it was the third adult horror novel that I devoured as a ten year old! Yes indeed folks, warped from a very young age…. in case you’re interested, the first adult horror novel was CUJO by Stephen King and I think the second was THE SURVIVOR by James Herbert.

Right back to the world of corporate film production, and the short story I am writing. There’s a certain fanzine editor who seems pretty keen to read something new from me; my take on my favourite day of the year – Halloween…