I recieved the final result of the SHRIEKFEST 2008 selections.I found out that “GAS” (Thriller / Drama / Horror category) – a short film based on ‘Dulce Et Decorum Est‘ and a rework of something I co-wrote with makeup FX whiz Richard Skelley years ago had been selected as a Semi-Finalist! Then the next day I found out that SEPULTURE (Horror / Scifi category) and FRAGRANCE OF DECAY (Fantasy Horror category) had not made it through as those genres are the most popular….


…… then this morning I found out that GAS had not made it as a Winner/Finalist.

I know I shouldn’t have expected to win – not my first competition – but you have to dream right? I did well to even make it into the Semi’s and I should be cheering, but I am still gutted that I didn’t win. I know the competition was fierce this year, but still…. gutted.