COMFORT HIM poster with laurels

We are very happy to announce that COMFORT HIM has won its first awards! many thanks to the Independent Shorts Awards for the honourable mentions for:

  • Best Dark Comedy Short
  • Best Microfilm

– as detailed here:

Also, we have been selected for the Semi Finalist – Best International Narrative Short at the Cyrus International Film Festival of Toronto. The final results and the name of the winners will be announced in the first week of Sept 2020. And we got selected yesterday for the Montreal Independent Film Festival. And lastly, not on the poster at the moment, as it just happened, but we just got Official selection for the Phoenix Monthly Short Film Festival.

Awesome work team! 6 selections and two awards! Groovy!

FILM INFO / Links:

Festival selections to date:


  • Official selection Best Microfilm Independent Shorts Awards
  • Official selection Best Dark Comedy Independent Shorts Awards

Thanks for the teams’ collective hard work. And thanks to all of those festivals that selected us!

And let’s hope that TUMBLE DYING – our new comedy horror micro film project, shooting this weekend, fares as well!

– Art work by Karen Keslen

Coming soon! TUMBLE DYING