There is a new resource out there for budding screenwriters and pro’s alike to pimp their scripts to production companies and agents – as well as getting valued feedback from their peers – this site is called First Twenty Pages. The first 20 members who join are able to use the site for free for six months.

“Once you have joined FTP you can submit either your First Twenty Page’s or your full Screenplay (over 85 but under 140 pages)for Review by other members and soon it will be seen by Prodco’s and Agents. The main object of is to help you write at a higher level than you may be writing at now, by getting more visibility and reviews of your writing style from your Peers. Before you enter any Contests, find out what other Writers think of your writing. If you get mostly “5 stars” on FTP, then you are definitely ready for that Contest.  In the same vane, if you get mostly 2 star reviews, then you can learn from your reviews, resubmit and continue to improve.”

Check out:  – It’s eary days as yet, as their are currently only 5 scripts registered – but with your help this site could be massive! I certainly will be using it and have already registered!