Happy New Year! Welcome to the pandemic free futureworld!… ok maybe not yet. But soon hopefully? Instead of more lockdowns…

Anyway, at least it’s not all bad – as I just found out firstly that GAS! and MR CLEAN both were given honourable mentions from the Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival for the January 2021 edition of their festival:

  • GAS! – honourable mention – Best original script category
  • MR CLEAN – honourable mention – Best special effects / VFX category

And then this morning, although we’ve not yet been given the laurels, we have seen that MR CLEAN has been officially selection to the Fixion Fest in Santiago Chile This festival will have to be online this year, and will take place festival will take place from 12 to 21 February 2021.

That’s a lovely start to the year. Congrats to the team!