DFTB poster

Don’t Forget To Breathe poster

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned this film – to anyone that reads the blog. But I wouldn’t blame you for not knowing about it, seeing as three years of blog posts are still missing! But I thought it best to update people on the film… and I will try and recreate and repost the original blog posts about the writing of the film – the ones that explain why I couldn’t be there for the filming (back in July 2017). And there’s a little mention of a new project at the end – so keep reading!

But the good news is that the short film DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE, which I co-wrote with Darwin Reina, is finally out of post production! It’s complete! Finis! And it’s already been selected for it’s first festival – in Vegas. And I haven’t even seen it yet. And soon the details of the premiere will be announced, and plans are already being made to attend said premiere… exciting stuff!

DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE is a harrowing story of marital abuse: Sometimes love doesn’t just hurt, it can kill. That’s the realisation that one young woman must come to, if she is to find freedom. Sofia refuses to admit that she is in an abusive and controlling relationship and must come to terms with this if she is to take her friend, Anna’s advice and save herself. But will Paco stop her? Will his violent love steal the very air she breathes?

I must say I’m kind of nervous about seeing the film with an audience, which will be the first time that both they and I see the finished product. I did see earlier edits of the film, and I helped edit the subtitles, but I haven’t seen everything together as one complete cinematic experience. But I think, like any writer, when you see your words brought to life, and the vision is different that what was in your head, in some ways, there’s bound to be an element of anxiety and anticipation before the big reveal – never mind that the film is in Spanish and so I will never really know how it plays to an audience, when I don’t understand the lingo. DFTB (for short) was written in Spanish, translated for me to then rewrite and polish, and then translated back into Spanish for the Barceolan-based cast and crew!

But the reason why I mention it, is that as plans for the Premiere are being finalised for that film, I just finished the adaptation of Darwin’s latest script (which he wrote in Spanish and then roughly translated it to English, and then I’ve given it a complete overhaul and a good polish to refine it). The new short film is tentatively called SVEN-GUNNAR, and will be filmed in Sweden, as per the filming of MR CLEAN. And it will also be a harsh piece of serial killer cinema.

And now, dear reader, I need a rest. As that last script really took it out of me!