[Originally posted on 15th July 2017 – another old post I’ve tried to republish]

DFTB poster

Don’t Forget To Breathe poster

DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE (aka NO TE OLVIDES DE RESPIRAR) (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6207538/?) – a film I co-wrote with Darwin Reina, is being shot right now in Barcelona, and I’m not there. It’s a weird feeling. On the one hand, I am super stoked that the film is going ahead – after a lengthy but much needed pre-production period. On the other, I’m feeling a bit disconnected from it – a social media lurker, merely peering in through the lens of posts on Facebook and Instagram and checking up on progress. It’s strange… so why am I not there?

I’ve been working my fingers to the bone recently – I had some very tough script deadlines to meet and some business travel to conduct. All of that is now done and soon my holiday starts. But right now I am exhausted. Any creative will know that feeling of having recently achieved something significant, but then being in a weird limbo of not knowing if it is even any good? If people will even like what you’ve created? And having given everything to hit that deadline and to then be utterly crushed as the weight is removed from your shoulders – and the rest of you sags to the floor. The fact that I am able to sleep right now – in my new house and new bed – is propping me up. My brain is firing on all cylinders creatively, having been well-warmed up by the recent productivity, but I need to allow myself to rest and not dive into the next big thing right away. And that also means that although I technically could jump on a flight to Barcelona.. and book a hotel… should I?

I’ve worked on films before and it is exhausting. It’s an amazing process – long days, lots of standing around, great camaraderie etc – but although it can be incredibly rewarding and give you a chance to forge new creative relationships, it can also be very draining. If it was in a week, I’d be there. But right now… I need to cling on to rest…. My holiday starts then. But right now, I’d be no good to them. I’d be the worst kind of on set hanger on. A sleepy and irritable guy,  and feeling like a zombie the whole time, trying to follow what’s going on and needing everything to be explained to him again in another language – and merely delaying and exacerbating the inevitable crash that will follow. After all the film is being shot in Spanish and although I did a year of it in school, it was 35 years ago and I can only order a cool beer right now and talk about the size of a bull’s testicles – why is it that I only ever remember rude phrases? – I’d only have to get people to use English, and it would bring the wrong kind of vibe to what is by all accounts an otherwise smooth production. So despite being torn, and really wanting to be there, I must give in to my need to rest. After all, I’ve been working crazy hours, often 7am to 10pm all week round for weeks on end, and doing this since November!

So all I can do right now is urge you to check out the social media feeds, follow and share the posts and await the eventual film – as I am doing.

I’m waiting in case the cast or crew have a question about the script that I can help with. I’m going to be there to help Darwin with the edit and the post production. And when we make the next films that I am writing for him, we’ll do it together.

Magnetic whiteboard image

Magnetic whiteboard https://www.instagram.com/p/BVxXRXEAShE/

Magnetic Whiteboard FTW! Just needs some scene index cards and ideas to fill it! #scriptwriting #writing #planning #storystructure

For now, I have a big magnetic white board to fill, and it’s crying out for some index cards, some story beats and some fresh ideas. I can do this from an arm chair. It’s a kind of rest. It’s creative. But I’ll also be hawk-eyed on my social media feeds…

Good luck guys! ¡Buena suerte!