Darwin shows me flyers

Yes! We took DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE on the road and finally had our film premiere – for this short domestic abuse film. And surprisingly, although the trip did not entirely deliver on everything that we had planned to achieve, it more than delivered for the premiere and promotion of the film. And we had some truly surreal memories of the trip. 

We had discussed that this trip would be partly to promote DFTB, and also to do a location recce for the next film to be shot in Barcelona, and to do some casting. The rest of the time would be mine to do tourism stuff. 

The tourism didn’t go so well. Not with me getting a bit of heatstroke on the 2nd day and then needing to rest inside. But you don’t care about that….

The premiere went very well. Darwin is very well connected in Barcelona. Thanks to his producers (Jesus Gonzalez, Miguel Pito, Rubi Rios & Julio Moran Suarez) and the city council, they provided a great venue, in the perfectly sized Zumzeig cinema, and the after party at the nearby Huanchaco Cafe. Apologies if I missed anyone.

First Darwin and I met and went to check out the print in the cinema. We were 2 minutes into our own private screening, until a group of teens – local film students – accidentally crashed the screening and we had to cut it. Later this would cost us. 

It was almost a full house for the cinema. And it was full of vibrant and eager viewers. This was great. It was lovely to meet the producers, the cast and crew – because remember, I was not able to attend the shoot and help out in person – and there was lots of networking potential. But soon it was time to watch the film. 

The film played very well, only with one crucial issue. I hope very few people noticed…. I sat at the back, timid and observing, listening. So I could hear all of the gasps, and the shock in the right places. It was having the right effect! There was the right amount of shock, horror and outrage and laughs. Only there were two or three missing lines of dialogue in the mix! Luckily we had the subtitles. But I could hear the odd murmur as people read lines of text for words that were missed in the audio. Dammit! Apart from that the rest of the film went great. 

Lesson learned: always check and double-check your print!

After the party, we had the interviews to shoot and pictures to take, and I’m sure the local cinemagoers were confused as to who these people were blocking the entrances / exits, and why all the camera flashes and interviews?

From there, we went to the cafe for the after party. I finally got to practice my Spanish and failed massively. I was so over tired, from no sleep and heat stroke and a bad stomach, that I completely blanked. lol What a twonk! I apologise to the lovely Spanish speakers who were forced to speak English. For some reason I could only really think in Swedish. Not helpful. 

As the party was winding down and people were looking to move on, I suddenly found myself in an Uber hurtling across the city, to be reunited with Darwin at Channel 25 Studio, for the TV show TONY ROVIRA Y TU. There, sweltering in a suit, I became an on camera audience member, while Darwin got to reunite with Tony, the host – having previously worked on the show – and spread the word about our film. 

I understood nothing. But I enjoyed it. The dancing mime, the singing clown Tiko Tiko, Tony’s monologue to camera, the handstands of Toro (an actor and stuntman who came with us from the premiere – @toroactor), a great local flamenco / folk rock band, a magician and local pop singer – and of course Darwin. There was lots of clapping and dancing and fun. And I was sweltering in the heat, trying to film some of it – until even the camera started overheating. 

We even went back a second night, this time with the poster, getting to show the trailer and for Darwin and Sofia to attend. This was great exposure and another entertaining night. 

Tony and Darwin

I could never have hoped for a nearly full auditorium for the screening, such a great after party, never mind getting on TV at all. We’re all really grateful for the hard work of the producers, helping Darwin put all of this together and making it happen, and for Tony and his team for including us in the show – twice. Amazing. Big love.

I have to apologise to Tiko Tiko for not singing. But I just don’t sing… and to everyone I forced to speak English. I will try better – next time. And there will be a next time. We’ve still got this other film to shoot, and we’ve got the promotion of MR CLEAN and SVEN-GUNNAR to do….

That’s enough from me. Now back to editing MR CLEAN. More news on that soon. But do visit the instagram site for the film to find out more / see more pics.