DEXTER SERIES 4 – the plot twist in the finale – is an epic FAIL! It does’t work and is so flawed with logic holes. It just feels shoehorned onto the end and totally ruins the otherwise perfect denouement. I won’t debate it here, in case people haven’t yet seen it. But right now I am livid! Grrrr!

It is such a shame, as the rest of the series was actually quite strong…. and it appears that I am not alone – although no one has obviously stated the central flaw in the fairytale ending.

Okay.. if you want to read it…. then READ MORE below…

If Dexter knew where to find Arthur, when his car broke down, how come he didn’t know that Arthur was on his way from Dexter’s house? He just accidentally came across him on that road? Used a batman tracer dart / homing beacon?

Or if Arthur went there by cab (as he left his van in the car park), he would have done the job before he went to pick up the car, but yet it was light when he picked up the car – and Rita left the message about the moonlight – how would she know it was a beautiful moon if she was already dead?

It feels rushed and cheapens the whole experience. Any decent writer could pick holes in that shambles.