So I’ve written 14, 059 words for nanowrimo. Do I feel accomplished? Erm no… firstly the website is undergoing maintenance, but also I am well aware that today’s target was 15k. Poo!

So I am a little behind… I know I am doing well. Managing to write something every day is impressive enough for me; especially on days when I have felt like it is the last thing that I have wanted to do – like today, as I am a bit under the weather and have been all weekend – but it’s only when you see that goal slip by, that really digs it in. It’s funny because the last time I put this many words to paper in such a short time was when I wrote my first feature screen play in a week. The difference was that during that writing period I was off work for that whole week, and not working long hours each day.

So I should be reassured that I am doing well; only it is awfully hard to feel good about it right now.