… and the ginger is behind on his task. Should we put him up for eviction?

I have produced 7,640 words; hopefully they are also interesting and meaningful, or at least entertaining words. Also words that are organised into a cohesive narrative. Is that too much to ask? So far I have opened my novel with a dramatic shoot out and massacre, then introduced my main characters as one of them is evicted and now started the setup of the inciting incident / plot point that will propell my main characters into a major world of pain; as well as spiced it up with a few entertaining spur of the moment inventions – which I hope will pay off later on and not seem to frivolous.

However, although I am impressed with how much I have achieved, despite numerous interruptions and less than ideal writing conditions and work stress, I am 633 words behind schedule. Tsk tsk!

But don’t be too quick to evict me please! After all it will soon be the weekend, and I am hoping to get ahead of the game again by Sunday night. Fingers crossed people! Fingers crossed! And if you love me, other digits crossed too! Go on, walk like a faulty pigeon in my honour!