I am 4864 words into my nanowrimo novel. It is only day three and despite being prevented from writing during lunch and on the train home, due to people wanting to chat to me, I still made today’s target of 1,610 words. I am 216 words short of my 3 day target, but I am not disappointed. After the day I’ve had, i think writing anything at all was not only a pleasure, it was a frickin’ miracle.

Don’t get me wrong, I like people. Well, sometimes. Well… okay, I tolerate people mostly. But some of them amuse me. Others irk me and end up becoming a victim in my future work. But the point I am making, badly, is that when you obviously have a laptop open and are clearly poised to write, why is that the perfect moment for someone to begin a conversation with you? And more annoyingly why can’t I just glance down at my impatient fingers, in way that clearly suggests what I would rather be doing, and ignore them????

Despite the distractions, I am enjoying the process, although I have to be very careful not to go back over the material I typed the day before; otherwise I’ll be dragged down by a desire to constantly edit and rework, rather than move onward towards my end goal.

Will it be worth reading? Maybe not by the end of the month. But after some judicious editing? Perhaps. Publishable? Erm… no. Not with the current bonkers plot and niche settings and semi-fictional world that I have created. I doubt that. But I would like to think that this process inspires me to try again next year and attempt the books that I really would like to write.

It’s obviously still early days. After all I have another 45136 words to write at least. Right, back to it. Tally ho!