Poster for Comfort Him - man approaching baby in crib
The 1st poster for COMFORT HIM

“Let them cry… at your own risk!” 

Tagline for COMFORT HIM

COMFORT HIM is about what happens when a sleep-deprived father is woken from a nap, and goes to comfort his crying baby. It’s a micro short horror film, designed to be under 2 mins duration.

The film is currently in post production. But we will share it as soon as it is ready! – it is specifically designed for social media sharing.

Read the SHOOT DIARY to find out more.

An 2020 EIBON FILMS production. Written, shot, directed and produced by Lee Bailes

  • Title: Comfort Him
  • Country: Sweden
  • Duration: 1-2 mins
  • Produced by: Eibon Films
  • Language: English

Associate producers: Hasse Brontén Gina Brontén Darwin Reina

Starring: Hasse Brontén, Sofie Klaesson and Alba Brontén.

Based on an original idea.

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