COMFORT HIM official selection to 4th Dimension Film Fest grab
COMFORT HIM official selection to 4th Dimension Film Fest grab

A couple of things happened for our dark comedy microshort COMFORT HIM – which are very cool. Firstly COMFORT HIM is an official selection of the 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival in Indonesia – which you may remember, is the same festival that selected and gave awards to MR CLEAN and IMPRINT – so fingers crossed there. And congrats to the other official selections.

And then this morning, I noticed that a scream queen and horror movie legend Kelli Maroney (of NIGHT OF THE COMET and CHOPPING MALL fame) liked our film on Twitter. Very cool indeed.

Tweet screen grab - COMFORT HIM
Tweet screen grab – COMFORT HIM

I know it’s a small item in the scheme of things. But the whole idea was to get the short out there, get it seen and for it to get so many likes and views has been very rewarding. And so to get it liked by someone very well known and someone who you’ve spent many hours watching their work, is very cool indeed.

Congrats to the team! You’re awesome. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Also, why celebrate such things? Because yesterday was plagued by technical issues that sucked my available time. And this whole week has been one huge time suck. Such times are very demotivating. So to get a small ‘W’ here and there, is enough to keep one going for a little longer. Because each little ‘w’ is one reminder that someone out there cares for what you’re doing and is enough to put a bit more fuel in the tank to resume your quest and create another thing. One step closer to potentially achieving that goal…