Charlie Brooker has responded to Simon Pegg’s criticism, badly:

The article starts off talking about the Election results but soon drifts into a weak zombie argument that is in fact no argument. Basically Brooker elects to give people what they want (satisfying his own tastes as well) with no sense or logic to his choices. What a creative copout! and precisely why they keep funding poor genre films – because no one thinks them through, they just jump on the bandwagon, or even worse because people assume that the genre can’t be taken seriously and that horror fans won’t have a clue anyway.

So the only way he can possibly regain any kind of honour as a critic in my eyes is to ultimately feature his own shambolic Tv / Cinematic creation in an episode of his own acerbic Tv criticism show and give it the kicking it deserves. Otherwise he is merely another critic that can point the finger at others, but not at his own offerings.


As for DEAD SET – to quote Mr Brooker when he rates the election results “I give it four out of 10. A rental at best. – except I won’t be bothering to rent it either.

Simon Pegg 1 – Charlie Brooker – 0