3 more awards for IMPRINT

IMPRINT poster with latest laurels
IMPRINT poster with latest laurels

We’re very happy to learn that the short horror film script IMPRINT has picked up its 13th, 14th and 15th awards! and just before the end of the year too. Nice. A great little winning spurt in December.

We’re very grateful to all of the festival selections, placings and awards that have been given to us this year. Truly. Thank you to all of the festivals that took a chance on each of our projects. We still can’t believe that a total of 37 awards have been awarded to our projects, and that we even finally broke the Scandinavian region curse and placed and won over here too. Nice.

We really hope to be able to share more news in 2022, especially about nudging IMPRINT a little further into production. But please note, the website will be undergoing some changes in the new year. We need to rethink how and what we share news wise, where we share it in order to keep website storage down and to prepare for the next phase of Eibon Films. So don’t be surprised if we start killing off a few posts here and there soon!

Another Swedish selection for IMPRINT

We’re very happy to learn that IMPRINT has been selected to and made it into the Semi-Finals of the Stockholm Short Festival. This makes it a second selection in Sweden. Not bad, considering other projects were ignored for a few years by the Scandinavian region. Not too shabby at all.

We also have some other good news, in that the builders appear to be finally near to done / if not already done. The builders have been creating noise pollution, and vibrations from construction and blasting for nearly 18 months, so soon we can finally record sound again and also shoot in the local area, without their equipment and safety barriers ruining the view. Nice.

Diabolical news for IMPRINT

Diabolical Horror Film Festival film festival - nominee laurel
Diabolical Horror Film Festival film festival – nominee laurel

I’m very happy to learn that IMPRINT was nominated for an award – for Best Short Script – at this year’s Diabolical Horror Film Festival 2021. Congrats to the other nominees and the winners.

Not too shabby. 🙂 And a good kind of Diabolical.

Also, for one of the other festivals that IMPRINT is in competition – the BE AFRAID HORROR FEST in Gorizia Italy – Please find the complete program here. And the festival teaser here. – it looks like an excellent line-up.


Yet more festival news to share – we’re so very grateful for such kind treatment from festivals, especially as we have had a few more rejections too.

Firstly, the dark horror short screenplay for IMPRINT has been officially selected to the Swedish International Film Festival (SIFF)! That’s great news, as it’s the 25th selection! and it is the same festival that has already selected and bestowed awards upon MR CLEAN and COMFORT HIM 60. So fingers crossed that this script makes it further into the competition. And congrats to the other selections! We hope to meet you all at the screening in Arvika, Sweden.

COMFORT HIM has also been put through to the finals of the 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival in the Best Experimental Film category. That’s also great news, because MR CLEAN and IMPRINT also won awards at this festival and it’s the 23rd festival selection. So fingers crossed that this film also gets screened live in Indonesia / makes it through to the winning selection. Congrats to the other finalists!

The live event screening in Indonesia is from 29th to 31st October 2021, from 1pm – 3pm and here’s the link – https://fb.me/e/ZH77EemC?ti=wa

Comfort Him - poster with laurels
Comfort Him – poster with laurels


It’s been a busy week, so apologies if I’m a little late in announcing a few things. But IMPRINT has done well of late. Although it didn’t make it through to the semis of the outstanding screenplays competition, it did make it through to the semis of the Vancouver Horror Show (The VHS), and is now a finalist at the Chicago Horror Film Festival and FREAK SHOW Horror Film Festival.

Only awards will remain on the poster. There’s 11 award laurels. Will there be another one before the month is out? before Halloween?… who knows 🙂

Find out more about IMPRINT. Or join the online portion of the Chicago Horror Film Festival to read the screenplay.

GAS! is a nominee at KIIFF

The world war one short horror screenplay for GAS! is now an official selection and nominated for an award in the Short Script category at the Kurdistan International Independent Film Festival. This is great news! It’s only won 4 awards to date, but it will be interesting to see if this could be a chance to pick up a 5th award. That event takes place on the 10th october, so it will be good to see how it does. Congrats to the other finalists!

GAS! nominated for an award at KIIFF
GAS! nominated for an award at KIIFF