JUGGERNAUT – A novel by Adam Baker – review

I first became aware of Adam Baker’s writing when searching from some holiday reading. Shopping sites remember our preferences, and sometimes they’re even correct – sometimes – and this time when searching for post apocalyptic pandemic / zombie fiction it presented OUTPOST to me. At the time of purchase there were only a few reviews. Although the reviewers were divided, the positive reviews filled me with hope that I would find a new PONTYPOOL or 28 DAYS LATER between the covers. It wasn’t until I was sequestered in by the pool, in the shade, so pale that I appeared to be in black and white compared to the other resort guests, and opened the cover of the book, that I realised I was in for a skilfully crafted and incredibly addictive joyride. Outpost

OUTPOST was an unforgiving tale of Arctic desperation, and ever pervading dread: seen through the eyes of a suicidal overweight priest and the crew of a defunct oil rig; watching the world submit to a global pandemic which turns its victims into a 21st century version of the living dead. Every page was either filled with the slow dread of eventual starvation, submitting to the elements and the bite of the infected, or I was captivated by the survivors’ Maguyver-esque attempts to turn the tables on fate.

I couldn’t wait to tweet about it as soon as I finished it – being a social media-addicted saddo (hence the blog) – and tell people that they need to grab a copy at once. That’s how I eventually came to own a pre-publication copy of JUGGERNAUT; a sort of prequel, if you will. Adam Baker read my tweets. We then corresponded. And when Adam later announced that he had written a new tale, I jumped at the chance to get my greasy paws on it. And I’m glad that I did… (forgive any spoilers!)


Still alive folks! and we’re listed by Total Film

Yes, I have been quiet for a while. Apologies, working too many hours and not sleeping enough. Disappointing really as I have watched some blinding films recently, that I’d like to mention to you, short mentions / reviews below.

– But hey! The real news is that we have been listed in the TOTAL FILM ‘Movie blogs you might have missed’ listing on page 5! in the horror section. Nice. A little recognition always helps. Thanks very much!


Dexter Series 4 FAIL!

DEXTER SERIES 4 – the plot twist in the finale – is an epic FAIL! It does’t work and is so flawed with logic holes. It just feels shoehorned onto the end and totally ruins the otherwise perfect denouement. I won’t debate it here, in case people haven’t yet seen it. But right now I am livid! Grrrr!

It is such a shame, as the rest of the series was actually quite strong…. and it appears that I am not alone – although no one has obviously stated the central flaw in the fairytale ending.

Okay.. if you want to read it…. then READ MORE below… (more…)


I’ve been busy busy lately folks, but I am still very much around. Obviously most of my time is going into Producing ROSEBLOOD and producing the ROSEBLOOD PODCAST. But in my spare time I am still finding time to watch a few movies.

I’ve not only seen a few good movies, such as GRAN TORINO and LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, I’ve also found the time to enjoy some really bad ones too! lol

A good friend of mind, who knows I love to watch very bad movies occasionally, bought me a box set of 10 very bad movies from the Ultimate Cult Movie Collection.

The excitingly named RAIDERS OF THE LIVING DEAD is brought to you by the dubious ‘talent’ behind SATAN’S SADISTS and DRIVE-IN MADNESS! Samuel M Sherman, brings you this deceptive 80s snooze-fest tale of a journalist running afoul of zombie slaves and a precocious teen with a home made laser gun saving the day.