35K! – Did it.. Only 15k to go… only!

After a difficult last ditch effort I have made it to my self-imposed milestone of 35k! Nice. At the moment there is too much character and not enough horror. But that I think I can fix. Later.

I am still in a relative limbo. I am unsure where my novel is heading – don’t get me wrong, I know the ending and I have a plot. Only it has holes in it, holes that I was unable to shore up before starting this insane race. But not only am I in uncharted plot territory, I am also in uncharted novel writing territory, having ever attempted anything like this before. My passion is absent at the moment, instead replaced by a natural desire to compete. Let’s hope it is enough.

32k – can I get to 35k? Tonight?

It’s hard work this novel writing lark; especially when trying to do it as part of a month long writing gig. Rather than writing when the fever takes you and when you are inspired, like normal. I am finding it especially hard to write when I am not in the mood. Like right now. I am not actually inspired by the fact that I have come so far so soon. I should be. But such is the fickle muse. You’re always jonesing for more and counting the seconds till she appears again and graces you with her presence.

The weird thing is that I am not at work right now. I took a week off, to use up some leave, take a break and reconnect with my writing and I have found it difficult to do. Perhaps I am too used to writing in a rush on the morning and evening train now, to actually write in a comfy chair, with a selection of good tunes to accompany me etc – as was my usual method. If it gets bad you may find me with a one-day travel card lurking on the train from London to Brighton, just going back and forth….

25k and still going!

Yes folks, 25,048 words and I’m only halfway through the 3rd of my 7 badly designed chapters! I am pleasantly surprised that their appears to be life in the novel yet, and that I do not feel that I have even scraped the surface yet. It would be nice if this brief spell of positivity continues.

The little accidents of invention are definitely worth the effort and the emotional pain of stumbling through this new creative world. Let’s hope I can stay on track tomorrow and keep producing.

In other news I have finally treated myself to a 32″ LCD TV, after 8 years of thinking about it…. yes I am not know for much financial spontaneity… but it is a thing of beauty… ;0) Anyway, the point is that I deserve a reward for an epic day of effort. I am going to watch DRAG ME TO HELL.

I hope, if any of you are reading this,that your own creative endeavours are also going as well.


Not quite 20k but still a good effort… right?

I have spawned 19,339 words. Hopefully words that actually read like something that you would happily want to keep reading….

My problems have been:

  • Trying to edit past sentences, rather than just spawning new ones and fixing them at the end
  • Suffering from sinus pains that made sitting in front of a monitor akin to jabbing kebab skewers into one’s forehead
  • Dealing with work and life distractions

But today, even though I am 641 words behind target, I am celebrating. Why? – Because somehow I managed to write over 2,000 words today, despite all of life’s distractions.

Day 8 – 14k and still going…

So I’ve written 14, 059 words for nanowrimo. Do I feel accomplished? Erm no… firstly the website is undergoing maintenance, but also I am well aware that today’s target was 15k. Poo!

So I am a little behind… I know I am doing well. Managing to write something every day is impressive enough for me; especially on days when I have felt like it is the last thing that I have wanted to do – like today, as I am a bit under the weather and have been all weekend – but it’s only when you see that goal slip by, that really digs it in. It’s funny because the last time I put this many words to paper in such a short time was when I wrote my first feature screen play in a week. The difference was that during that writing period I was off work for that whole week, and not working long hours each day.

So I should be reassured that I am doing well; only it is awfully hard to feel good about it right now.

Day 5 in the nanowrimo house

… and the ginger is behind on his task. Should we put him up for eviction?

I have produced 7,640 words; hopefully they are also interesting and meaningful, or at least entertaining words. Also words that are organised into a cohesive narrative. Is that too much to ask? So far I have opened my novel with a dramatic shoot out and massacre, then introduced my main characters as one of them is evicted and now started the setup of the inciting incident / plot point that will propell my main characters into a major world of pain; as well as spiced it up with a few entertaining spur of the moment inventions – which I hope will pay off later on and not seem to frivolous.

However, although I am impressed with how much I have achieved, despite numerous interruptions and less than ideal writing conditions and work stress, I am 633 words behind schedule. Tsk tsk!

But don’t be too quick to evict me please! After all it will soon be the weekend, and I am hoping to get ahead of the game again by Sunday night. Fingers crossed people! Fingers crossed! And if you love me, other digits crossed too! Go on, walk like a faulty pigeon in my honour!