Another fest selection and what’s going on?

We’re very happy to learn that COMFORT HIM is an official selection of Cabane A Sang fest in Montreal. Very cool! This is such an honour, especially after MR CLEAN didn’t make it to their selection last year.

Official selection of Cabane A Sang
COMFORT HIM is an Official selection of Cabane A Sang notification

In other news, work is continuing ahead on two feature scripts.

And I’m still prevaricating on where to re-incorporate the film company, before then redesigning the website and where to move the blog to, to stop it filling up my web storage. So changes will come. I’m just taking my sweet time about it.

Work to progress the feature film project is not moving as fast as I’d like. Mainly this is a casting issue – with local cast members not being as responsive / super excited as previous years. Covid, pandemic fatigue and serious illnesses are a factor in some cases. But I’ve not yet given up hope of reforming the team for future success.

But for now, I’ll take that surprise fest selection as a sign to keep on going. Hope everyone is doing well despite war, covid and other global issues.

3 more awards for IMPRINT

IMPRINT poster with latest laurels
IMPRINT poster with latest laurels

We’re very happy to learn that the short horror film script IMPRINT has picked up its 13th, 14th and 15th awards! and just before the end of the year too. Nice. A great little winning spurt in December.

We’re very grateful to all of the festival selections, placings and awards that have been given to us this year. Truly. Thank you to all of the festivals that took a chance on each of our projects. We still can’t believe that a total of 37 awards have been awarded to our projects, and that we even finally broke the Scandinavian region curse and placed and won over here too. Nice.

We really hope to be able to share more news in 2022, especially about nudging IMPRINT a little further into production. But please note, the website will be undergoing some changes in the new year. We need to rethink how and what we share news wise, where we share it in order to keep website storage down and to prepare for the next phase of Eibon Films. So don’t be surprised if we start killing off a few posts here and there soon!

12th award and 32nd selection for IMPRINT

It’s been quite an eventful time of late. A lot of it not good – regarding bereavements and sick cats – but I was really chuffed to find out this week that the short horror script for IMPRINT has picked up its 12th award and 32nd official selection.

IMPRINT won the Best Unproduced Script award at the Stockholm Short Film Festival. Details to be confirmed on their website soon. And it has also been selected to Shockfest Film Festival and Lit Scares International Horror Festival.

IMPRINT movie official poster with latest laurels
IMPRINT movie official poster with latest laurels

And as you can see, I’m not displaying all of the selections and placements, as that would clutter the poster up. But it’s done so well to date. I can’t wait to make it and see how the eventual film blows people away.

Another Swedish selection for IMPRINT

We’re very happy to learn that IMPRINT has been selected to and made it into the Semi-Finals of the Stockholm Short Festival. This makes it a second selection in Sweden. Not bad, considering other projects were ignored for a few years by the Scandinavian region. Not too shabby at all.

We also have some other good news, in that the builders appear to be finally near to done / if not already done. The builders have been creating noise pollution, and vibrations from construction and blasting for nearly 18 months, so soon we can finally record sound again and also shoot in the local area, without their equipment and safety barriers ruining the view. Nice.

Diabolical news for IMPRINT

Diabolical Horror Film Festival film festival - nominee laurel
Diabolical Horror Film Festival film festival – nominee laurel

I’m very happy to learn that IMPRINT was nominated for an award – for Best Short Script – at this year’s Diabolical Horror Film Festival 2021. Congrats to the other nominees and the winners.

Not too shabby. šŸ™‚ And a good kind of Diabolical.

Also, for one of the other festivals that IMPRINT is in competition – the BE AFRAID HORROR FEST in Gorizia Italy – Please find the complete programĀ here. And the festival teaserĀ here. – it looks like an excellent line-up.

Latest festival news – MR CLEAN and IMPRINT

October was a busy month, but sadly not in the way we wanted. There was supposed to be a live event for Halloween here in Sweden and then that sadly didn’t happen. What was annoying is that there was an event to go to in the US on the same day and we opted for the local event, because it would have been the first Swedish screening – and then by the time we found out the local event wasn’t happening it was too late to go to the one in the US… doh!

However, other than watching bucketloads of horror films for Shocktober / 31DaysofHalloween – there has been some good news.

MR CLEAN is having a busy time of it with online screenings. The short horror film was part of the FIXION Fest Halloween special /especial de terror: where it was being screened for free. But sadly that short run / possibility to see the short is now over. However, MR CLEAN is also going to be screened on the FILMINĀ LATINO platform, which is run by the Ministry of Culture of Mexico, and will be visible from November 17 to 21, 2021 (to anyone using a VPN to get around the geoblocking – you’ll need to appear to be visiting and watching from within Mexico).

Also, the short script for IMPRINT has been selected to two more festivals – which now makes it 29 selections in total – and IMPRINT is now an official selection of the Diabolical Horror Film Festival and the prestigious New York City Horror Film Festival.

IMPRINT movie official poster with latest laurels
IMPRINT movie official poster with latest laurels