1st Poster for COMFORT HIM

1st poster for COMFORT HIM
Father approaches the crib

Here’s more awesome work by Karen Keslen – our first poster for COMFORT HIM – movie (which is currently in post production).

Visit this page to find out more about COMFORT HIM.  

Check out Karen’s social media profiles:

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Trailer for LOVELY TO MEET YOU is released

Last night, the trailer for LOVELY TO MEET YOU went live. This was the short film that I co-wrote and co-produced with Darwin, and we shot it in Barcelona last December.

Michael wants a plaything for the night. But may have misjudged the motivations of the best looking girl at the bar. 

Watch the trailer for LOVELY TO MEET YOU

LOVELY TO MEET YOU is a dark, cautionary tale about one night stands, and why you should be careful about what you drink and who to talk to; especially in a city where holiday romances might not last and a heart can be bought very cheaply…

Darwin and Rinat hold the poster
Darwin and Rinat hold the promotional poster for LOVELY TO MEET YOU

The film was scheduled to have its cast and crew premiere screening in Barcelona in April. Currently this is cancelled, awaiting rescheduling, due to the coronavirus / quarantine / travel situation in Spain.

Production info:

Directed by Darwin Reina
Written by Darwin Reina & Lee Bailes


Produced by:

Featuring music by Flora Cheng and Aaryan Shah

Sound Design by Luca De Sensi and cinematography from Fabian Yezid Rojas Villamizar and Lee Bailes.

If you want to read about the making of the film, here’s a link to the Shoot Diary: LOVELY TO MEET YOU

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MR. CLEAN review #2

And we have review number 2 from Keri @ Warped Perspective: https://warped-perspective.com/index.php/2020/02/17/mr-clean-2020/?

A partial screengrab of review
Screengrab of part of the review

The short version is “it’s a successful and fun project which blends moments of gore with hints of ‘old god’ weirdness.” but do read the full review. 🙂

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Thanks again for the review! and Hopefully we’ll have a few more soon!

First review for MR. CLEAN!

We got out first review for MR CLEAN – and it’s good! Nice.

From “A Touch of Film” – Hus Seis: https://www.facebook.com/lee.bailes.writer/posts/2560615950931575?notif_id=1581846282491301&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic

“MR CLEAN, directed by Lee Bailes – a different take… a new flavour of horror… a twist with horror and guts on what we see is at first a very normal story, but what we later see is completely different… it goes from 0 – to 100 – of violence, and kicks off in a short amount of time. The movie is only 7 minutes long, but you see so much in this 7 minutes…’wow’! …I can’t wait for it to expand on this. It’s wonderfully shot, reminiscent of Misaki Kobayashi’s KWAIDAN, Whilst something so mundane has got a lot more going on in it…. The way the film is narrated is quite cool, seeing two sides to this story. The cinematography is really really slick. The gore effects are really cool. There’s going to be more to this series, and I can’t wait to see the rest of the series!” 

“A slick, cool short film with a lot going on!”  and “it makes you think twice, next you see a cleaner.”

It’s reassuring that our first review is positive and enthusiastic. I must also share that Hus isn’t the first person that wants to see more of MR CLEAN. And this makes us all (the entire team) very happy.

Awesome poster #2 – MR CLEAN

Here’s more awesome work by Karen Keslen – our second poster for MR CLEAN – movie #mrcleanmovie – Check out her social media profiles:

Check out Poster #1 – https://eibonfilms.co.uk/great-new-poster-for-mr-clean/

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/356029935

We have finally finished the colour grading! Thanks to our colourist Eric Lau, we actually have a colour grade that works!

Obviously the trailer above has not as yet been colour graded by him. That is being redone now by him. But as a result of finishing colour grading, and the fact that I created an Electronic Press Kit (an EPK) we are now submitting MR CLEAN to festivals! Woohoo!

– and if the first [random] request to cut two minutes from the film is anything to go by, it will be quite a ride, as I navigate the world of film festivals….