When I do get some spare cash, I want this cam for home use:

Panasonic-hdc-sd100 review

Panasonic website product info

Panasonic seem to have done some proper research and actually brought out a camera with useful features that many other HD cam manufacturers removed:

1. like Microphone inputs so you don’t have to use the crappy camera mic
2. ability to charge batteries independently of the camera, so you can use one and charge a replacement
3. a lens ring!
4. a viewfinder – as anyone will know when trying to use an LCD screen in sunlight you can’t see anything, and they is no faster way to run down your battery by using the LCD – viewfinders rule!
5. the ability to attach proper filters and lens attachments
6. hot shoe attachment for lights or microphone mounting

The only downside is it’s crappy low light capability, not good for spooky horror shoots or in clubs etc – if it was 3CCD instead of 3MOS, we’d be laughing.

I can’t afford the £2.5K HVX-2000…. so this will do, once I have sold my old DV cams.