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Eibon Films – is an independent film production company that specialises in making transgressive genre cinema.

We love the Fantasy, Horror and Sci Fi genres, but we abhor putting a strict label on things, restricting and confining them to banality and the common-place. Instead, we like to fuse elements of different genres together to try and bring something new to the market place.

Eibon Films was set up by Lee Bailes, purely as a vehicle for securing financing and for managing production – but the real power of Eibon Films is the people who donate their services and their love of film in the act of collaboration.

No one film will be alike.

The name ‘Eibon’ is a tribute to esteemed fantasy horror authors H.P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith and Italian Film Director Lucio Fulci – namely a reference to the ‘Book of Eibon’, as featured in the film THE BEYOND, a book which is said to detail the seven gateways to Hell. When the book appears, reality is subverted and the strange and the terrible take over.

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