I have customised my EEE PC – now that I am back into the daily commute routine; and able to fully utilise my EEE when I am on the move:

Carpet not included. Should raise a few eyebrows on the train! Well it truly reflects the twisted scripts I might be working on at the time… ;0)

“Accident” designer skin – courtesy of DecalGirl

In other news the ‘talent’ is definitely interested in participating in my next Podcast idea. And an old friend could be very influential in pitching a Video Podcast idea. Also a chance networking event could be very fortuitous for the production of ROSEBLOOD.

Sorry if this is all very cryptic, but I will reveal more as and when it becomes somewhat official – and stop messing around with prettying up my geek toys….

Right, must get back to finishing the latest ROSEBLOOD PODCAST episode – I am already two episodes behind what we have recorded! – The  script is definitely 2/3rds complete! I know because I’ve read it. Fans of Chris’s work will definitely enjoy this latest work if we ever get the darn thing made.