Yes, I just hit 45,064 words for Nanowrimo! I am so close to the 50k mark I can really taste it. I was tempted to just see if I could go all night, but I haven’t slept properly in the last three days and I am shattered now, without doing an all-nighter and really messing myself up.

Sexy killer posterLast night I watched SEXY KILLER – (View the Trailer) a bonkers Spanish serial killer zombie flick; about a girl looking for the perfect plastic surgeon boyfriend at a medical university and eventually settles for the new assistant coroner who autopsies her victims and invents the device that accidentally reanimates the dead. The film begins with a promising college shower scene spoof of SCREAM, complete with bare nubile flesh and the mask wearing killer – and then turns the tables, in a completely obvious and disappointingly implausible costume twist. Luckily the deaths and characters are reasonably inventive enough to keep you watching; and there was genuine chemistry between the lead actors and style in the execution (pun intended).

It had the perfect recipe for a comedy gore movie (if you apply the equation: Great flick = TnA + guns + zombies); although it didn’t disappoint, and did entertain, it just didn’t ring true for me the whole time. I just don’t do well for films that are overly self conscious – where the protagonist talks to the camera in a very knowing way and there are too many in-jokes. It continually drags you out of the state of suspended disbelief and reminds you that you are watching a film. I am sure in the right mood I may enjoy it i.e. when my brain is thoroughly switched off and I am intoxicated. However, the one thing that will not change is that I did not find the lead actress sexy at all. Therefore the film suffered from an Epic title FAIL. The surprising aspects behind the production were that the film was funded by loads of regional Spanish and European film funds – bodies that previously objected to anything that did not represent relevant cultural value – and that the film was shamelessly emulating and homaging American genre cinema (with references to George A Romero – as the name of a medical university etc); things that definitely would never have happened in the Spanish cinema of the eighties. If you’re into subtitled off-kilter flicks you may do well to check it out. But don’t say that I didn’t warn you about the humour or stylistic choices.