I am procrastinating, putting off writing another 2k for nanowrimo – having already reached the 40k mark yesterday. Motivation is hard, when all you want to do is…. well something else. lol But I am so close now to completing this insane challenge, that it would be rude and pointless to do so.

Are you ready? For the war?

But I am having fun – listening to great tunes, such as INVADERS MUST DIE and a back catalogue of Killing Joke tunes. I do find music is helping me block out the immediate outside world and get into a flow. It doesn’t always work, but times like now my fingers love dancing across the keys to the speed of the music; rapid fire thoughts beget rapid digit-ry. Rapid tunes properly evoke the world in which my characters dwell; catapulting me back to a simpler time when the artificial stimulus was all that mattered. When the ‘could be’ was better than the ‘is’.

Show your colours, bring your colours to the floor.

So why am I procrastinating?

Well it’s just so much easier isn’t it, to not do something. It’s so much easier to talk about it… but the doing is a different matter entirely. Especially when your characters decide to go in new directions and resist your attempts at planning and structure. And scenes feel flat and lifeless, when they should be leaping off the page at the reader. And it doesn’t help when the other writing chums on the Nanowrimo forums manage to create so much interesting discussions, that you can’t help but want to enter into.

I have had nearly a whole week off for Nanowrimo and I think that I am just not grown-up and responsible enough to really make use of all that time in a healthy way. I have one more day off on Monday. Let’s hope I can make good use of it, before I am back at work, working long hours and being over tired.

cue Tetrisy bit

My Procrastination has paid dividends though. I visited an award winning filmmaker friend in London yesterday to talk films and possible future projects etc. More will be revealed in the future, if anything comes of it. And I have researched the possibility of creating a Hacbook; something that will make me even more productive than I already am with my little EEE PC – as I love Scrivener so much now that I cannot make do, using other lesser programs that are available for Windows.

It’s not all good though. My procrastination has enabled me to dip into Dexter series 4 and Sons Of Anarchy series 2 and now I am hooked on both of them again; especially loving the serial killer life lessons by Trinity and the new darker direction that SOA has taken….. yes, sad TV junkie…. and I found some dodgy DVDs to rent from Blockbuster today. So I now have to watch 4 [dodgy] films (CRANK 2, SEXY KILLER, BRUNO and BOOKS OF BLOOD) before Wednesday… as well as finishing Nanowrimo. Poor me. ;0)

Anyway, the word count beckons. If you want some great ambient mood music – to listen to while you are creating fantastic worlds – try PWDRE SER.