I have finally finished the pesky 4 Page Treatment for MUTAGENE. Woohoo! I thank you, I thank you, please stop clapping!…

Actually did you just say, “about damned time!”?… Sheesh! There’s no pleasing some folks….

I have been busy and more distracted of late. I am aware that is no excuse, but I don’t much care right now.

The good news about finishing the 1st draft is that I can now rework that until I am happy, before tackling the next stage of the full rewrite.

I have found it to be a very revealing process from a structural point of view. What seemed like a nicely busy and densely plotted script (albeit with huge holes in it, due to the original incomplete rewrite snafu of 2 years ago) actually reads as a very hectic and patchy plot when set down in a short form, with too many characters and different elements going on.

Obviously there are moments in the scenes which reveal thematic details and character motivations etc, and keep it interesting, but in a short form, the script looks totally unfocused and random and ultimately doesn’t build to a huge emotional pay-off that I desire.

So now the next stage is to try two alternative versions, to see what new directions I could tweak it in, that will refine it and make it really work, like a well-oiled and original Zombie flick.

I will definitely force myself to use this technique to set my ideas down and flesh them out in future, before I ever get into the actual script writing stage. And I can recommend it to others.