Selection email grab from Film Freeway
Selection email grab from Film Freeway

We’re super happy to announce that COMFORT HIM (Comfort him movie) Just got into its second and third festival  – thank you to the Micro Minute Film Festival ( and to the Independent Shorts Awards for selecting our very short short – we’re very grateful 🙏.

Thanks again to Karen Keslen for updating the posters.

And here’s the latest view numbers / views across different platforms – as of 16th August:

  • 391 Facebook
  • 646 YouTube
  • 6926 Twitter
  • 95 Vimeo
  • 64 Instagram

We are very satisfied with the results. It’s super appreciated. Let’s hope people can also continue to like and share it! Because remember:

  • Liking helps these films get picked up in algorithms, for more people to see them and help us attract more views. 
  • And more importantly, sharing is caring! If you share the film, more people will see it and this will inspire us to make more films. – thanks to everyone that has already done so!

FILM INFO / Links:

Festival selections to date:

  • Official selection Venice Shorts Film Awards.
  • Official selection Micro Minute Film Festival 
  • Official selection Best Microfilm Independent Shorts Awards
  • Official selection Best Dark Comedy Independent Shorts Awards
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